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21 Day Challenge 2.0


After the overwhelming success of our previous 21-day challenge.

We’re excited to kick off 21-day challenge 2.0. ​It’s time to establish healthy habits and routines to thrive physically and mentally. If you're in metro Melbourne, you may not be able to get into the gym, but we can still continue to progress by training at home.


This time around, the challenges are a mix of physical, mindset, and most importantly, nutritional challenges! We listened to the feedback from our last challenge and are delivering with this one!


We will be pushing you out of your comfort zone and progressing your habits over the 21 days - our goal is to build habits that nurture achieving LONG TERM sustainable goals.


On top of all the above, you will also get access to lunchtime Zoom sessions (pilates, bodyweight circuit, boxing, and more throughout the 21 days) as well as pre-recorded circuits to follow from home. 


When: Monday 18th October 

The cost of the program - $20

Why does the challenge cost $20?


1. Behavioral psychology tells us that by making an investment, we are far more likely to adhere and be consistent. Meaning, you will now have more incentive to stick to the challenge and complete the daily tasks.

2. All of the money goes towards the grand prize! We estimate this will be anywhere between $1000-$2000 cash. There is another incentive for you. (Who knows, maybe more!) If you complete all the daily challenges – you go into the draw to win not only the major cash prize but also 4x runner-up prizes!


All you have to do to be a part of the challenge is:

-Follow us on IG & FB (This is where challenges will be posted)

-Join our private Facebook group for the challenge

-Complete every daily challenge.

-Post completion of the daily challenge in our private group.

-Challenges will be posted every evening at 8 pm.


Anyone can take part, members and non-members, we want to keep our community healthy both physically and mentally through this crazy period so if you have a partner, friend or family member you’d like to do this with – just tag them below! ​​

Click the link in the Invictusfitness bio to get involved!

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