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There’s a smarter way to train.


A gym where you DON’T need to train 7x per week while eating only celery sticks and hummus.

Here’s what most of you are used to. Having to train 5, 6, even 7 days per week, eating a low carb, or some other sort of highly restrictive nutrition plan. You have no energy & no results to show for it. Or, maybe you have achieved results, but as soon as you take a break from the unsustainable grind, you bounce right back to square one...

Sound familiar? I thought so.

Here’s the alternative. 

It’s a magical place, where your training routine suits your lifestyle, the bonus, training is actually fun!


-Train 3x per week - more if you would like, but only for enjoyment, not as a necessity.
-Have balance in your life to do the things that you enjoy outside of the gym. 
-Eat a variety of foods, including the foods you enjoy most (Chocolate, Cheese, Wine)
-Feel full of energy. Stop dragging yourself through the day with copious cups of coffee, cans of V. 
-Follow a training plan you actually enjoy! 

-Daily emails for 20 days dropping knowledge on everything from training, nutrition, and lifestyle factors that influence our progress.

Our goal is simple, play the long game, create lasting habits & lifestyle change, become fitter & stronger, and most importantly, enjoy training! 
If the above intrigues you, then go ahead and apply now for our beginner’s course where you will learn from our AMAZING Coaching staff how to take back control in 2021.

When does it start:

Monday, March 1st

Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Times: 6am or 6:30pm

Cost: $30

Get Started! 

Thanks for submitting!

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