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Step 1.

AOT Fundamentals will prepare you to reach your highest possible level of fitness.

Our primary goal in these classes is to introduce you to some brand new

movements and develop a strong foundation of both strength and fitness. This is a challenging, but rewarding step. Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, you’ll be ready to enter our group fitness classes.

This course brings results! During the course of your Fundamental training, your

body will begin to change. We’ll encourage you to take before and after

pictures to help capture your transformation. This course is great value for money. The complete cost of Fundamentals is less than the typical price of two personal training sessions at a large commercial gym.








We achieve this by eliminating routine, varying techniques, & movements to give you an exciting training experience.


In this functional fitness class, you will be challenged each and every session, we strive to be FITTER, FASTER, LEANER, & STRONGER. Workouts are scaled to each individual's ability, so regardless of whether you are a beginner, or an elite-level athlete, the workout will challenge your abilities.


Who is this class for?

-Those looking to get serious about training & serious results.

-Someone who is sick and tired of doing the same training program, without getting any results

-Anyone serious about taking control of their health, their fitness, and their life.

To ease into this class, our fundamentals program is compulsory.

There's no rush, Rome wasn't built in a day!


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