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When we think of Martial Arts, usually what comes to mind is self defence, UFC, or people in funny outfits hugging one another(we like to call it wrestling). However, Martial Arts is so much more than a physical sport, that involves lifesaving self defence techniques. Along with all of the physical benifits martial arts offers, there is so much more important values and traits ingrained through Martial Arts, you will learn respect, discipline, self confidence and how to overcome insecurities just to name a few. Below are our reasons to why every child should train Martial Arts.



Many aspects in life require something incredibly overlooked, and that is discipline, If you get up early every day to train, well thats discipline. If you get up early maybe once, twice a week, but have every intention to do 5x per week, well you probably lack discipline.

All martial artists are ingrained with a disciplined, an often unwavering mindset to stick to a goal or task at hand. For parents, enrolling your child into a martial art in order to work on their discipline is a fantastic idea, but it isn’t just important for children to stay out of trouble, or to respect mum and dad. More importantly its going to be the cornerstone for most if not all lifestyle choices as teenagers and adults.

The discipline to get up early train for training or work.

The discipline to get the work done (School, university, work)

The discipline to stick to the goals we set goals.

The discipline to steer clear of, or fight addiction of any kind later in life.

The discipline to control your thoughts, and emotions.



In martial arts we learn and teach mutual respect.”treat others how you would like them to treat you.”

As a student, you must show respect to a coach, to receive respect in return.

As a Coach you must show respect to a student, to receive respect in return.

Be kind, courteous, and thoughtful to others.

Also respect for ones self. Most Martial arts schools will have a strict policy on uniform, and uniform cleanliness and personal hygiene. If your uniform is ‘dirty’ you can’t train.

This isn’t only about keeping the gym clean and looking professional, it is more importantly teaching students to have respect in themselves and their appearance.



Martial arts is a form of self expression, whether or not you agree or not with combat sports, martial artists are expressing their creativity through combative movements. Learning how to express yourself, defend yourself and control your thoughts, feelings & emotions it really empowers an individual to be confident in their own skin, and confident in their ability and mindset.



If martial arts does nothing else, it builds habit and routine. Classes are structured and follow a strict routine, i guarantee any coach has had a day where they have changed something up in the warm-up (deliberately or not), or missed a step and a student will pick them up on it right away!

Discipline and habits go hand in hand, we need discipline in order to ingrain a habit.



Every Martial Arts student from day 1 dreams of getting their black belt. For some Martial Arts, it is a lifelong journey that can take upwards of 10 years of discipline, & routine training in order to achieve the incredibly prestigious goal of earning a black belt. In Martial Arts such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu only around 5% of those who start the journey, actually make it to black belt, this is a testament to how tough the journey really is. The real reward isn’t the destination of black belt, or the martial arts/self defence knowledge gained, but the life skills and character building that has happened as a result through persevering the long arduous journey.

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